Monday, October 31, 2016

Daily Mass

Not so much reserved,
but gravitational –
this couple near the third fall,
that one near Pilate’s bolt.

On Mary’s side,
I nestle between pivots:
the Cyrene crucifer and
Veronica’s boon.

My pivot is presence – I’m there.
Nodding, nodding, I
never assist, only
posture and perceive.

At Communion, I approach
and return – back to my place.

Attendance is sparse again today.

1 comment:

  1. It's even better than this. It varies from place to place. In Sacred Heart crypt, we sit in the front row, at St. Matt's a few rows back on St. Joseph's side, at St. Joe (SB) near the back on St. Joseph's side, at Little Flower up in front again ....

    And the sad thing is, you get used to having some room and even (I'm sorry, Lord!) resent it a bit on feast days when more people show up. :-(