Thursday, February 11, 2016

To a Discouraged Nursing Student

Nursing school has you overwhelmed, I know. You're questioning your choice to be here, and you're afraid that you "won't be good enough."

Hold on a minute.

It's clear that you have a compassionate heart, so I wasn't surprised to learn that you've wanted to serve others since you were little. I'm confident God will help you realize that desire – in His name, shun the doubt and discouragement when it comes up.

But the part about not being good enough? The truth is that we never will be good enough – not any one of us, nobody. That's why, for me, nursing is so intimately connected with faith, with Jesus. I can't do this job on my own power – I'm too selfish, too broken. If I nurse well – if I teach well – it's only because of grace and God's power. The only credit I can take is that I manage to stay out of his way from time to time, and let him get on with his working through me.

Hang in there. Take heart. Have courage.

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